Film School Boot Camp

Trent Duncan created his own Film School Boot Camp to help aspiring filmmakers learn the art of filmmaking without the high cost and burdens associated with a traditional film school. Trent’s filmmaking bootcamp is a complete comprehensive educational resource for anyone looking to begin a career in film and video production. This is the fastest way to become educated on the complete filmmaking process from conception to completion. All of Trent Duncan’s film school boot camp videos are now free to watch! SUBSCRIBE to Trent’s channel and enjoy!



The Screenwriting portion teaches the fundamentals needed to create a complete Hollywood screenplay. You’ll learn the 3 ACT structure and character development, along with tips on how to tailor your script to meet the needs of a low budget production.


The Pre-Production and Production video teaches the planning and dissemination of all things involved leading up to and during a film shoot. Pre-Production is extremely important and it sets the tone for the organization and professionalism of the film shoot.

Example 2-1: The 5 People Filmmakers Need for a Skeleton Crew.

Example 2-2: Download the Two page dialogue, one page action script.


The Directing video teaches the role and responsibility of a Director on set. He is usually the creator of the project and is in charge of the overall concept, design, and implementation of the production. The Ability to communicate effectively is the biggest asset a director can posses.

IMAGE: Framing for Film



The Cinematography video teaches the role and responsibility of a Cinematographer on the set of an independent production. As a Cinematographer, it’s your responsibility to help create the mood of the film while effectively capturing the directors overall vision.

IMAGE: 180 Degree Rule

IMAGE: Depth of Field

IMAGE: Rule of Thirds

Link: Choosing the Best DSLR for filmmaking

Example 4-1: Progressive (1080p) vs Interlaced (1080i)


The Lighting and Grip video teaches the fundamentals of 3-point lighting used by industry professionals, various other lighting techniques, and the Pro’s and Con’s on interior vs Exterior lighting.


The Post-Production portion of the Online Film School Boot Camp covers streamlining your production for editing, Internet video hosting, and film festivals information.

LINK: Top Editing Software Programs

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